Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last-First Day Outfit!

So as you can tell by the title, I just attended my last first day of class! What's so special about this day you wonder? Well this was my last first day of class as an undergrad at USC! I can't believe I will be graduating in Dec. with my Bachelors in Nursing. It seems like yesterday I was graduating high school, and starting college early as scared freshmen, not knowing what to expect.

I selected the outfit I am wearing because since we are transitioning into Fall, I wanted to wear some booties that I have which are my absolute favorite! So today's #ootd details are listed below. I hope you enjoy. Follow me on bloglovin' (link at the top) and I can't wait to continue to bring you more of my Fall Fashion! I was approached about my booties a lot so I have them linked below if you are interested in them. They are super cute and comfy.

Shirt: TJ Maxx 
Shorts: Kohl's 
Bag: Michael Kors 


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