Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For The Love of Colourpop!

ColourPop is a fastly growing, amazing cosmetic company based in Los Angeles AKA the City of Angels.The quality and care that Colourpop has for their products and customers is what keeps me buying from them. Not only do they have top quality products that are after the latest, greatest trends but they are at prices you can afford! $5 will get you the best lipsticks, or lippie stix as they are named, that can weigh up to some of there higher end counterparts. The wet, creamy, texture of the eye shadows and highlighters is something that you have to feel to believe. They apply perfectly with your finger and are super rich and pigmented. My video below details the 6 items I purchased in my very 1st Colourpop order! Please like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed! 
PS. They are 100% fur baby friendly, bunny approved, and only tested on humans (it's makeup, so it should only be tested on humans right!).

The 6 items I purchased from Colourpop, with the prices. 

Highlighters: Avalon & Most Necessary-$8.00

Lippie Stix & matching Lippie Pencil: Tootsi & Pitch-$5.00 (ind.)


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